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New Dimensions in Books out of Africa & Authentic Novels from African-Americans & the African diaspora.


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"Many a man lives, a burden to the earth but a good book is the  precious lifeblood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on a purpose to a life beyond life."          




                                                  John Milton,  "Essay on Books"            


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Welcome to Lekon New Dimensions Publishing. We specialize in providing quality literature and non-fictional biography; from the illustrious Alpha in the trilogy, "The Conquest for Freedom,"  to the life and times of One of Africa's most illustrious lawyers of all time.  

In the Conquest of Freedom III, the Alpha lives a humane yet somewhat mystical life despite all his troubles,  while Livesey Luke is constantly, 'Swimming Against The Tide,' of post colonalism, corruption and ill-rule in his endless search for justice, for the common man, in the epic story of "Swimming Against the Tide".






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