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The Conquest of Freedom II   -  'These Old Colonial Hills'


Clifford Fyle





Sheka Ali, the great grandson of a legendary warrior chief, becomes national President. A man of oppositions and conflicts, his sense of family greatness strongly conflicts with his modest upbringing, leading to an inordinate hunger for power and its ruthless exercise.  True to his nature, his lifelong love for the unconquerable Stella also conflicts with the dowdiness of the woman he finally marries thus leading him to wantonness and loose living.


Set against a turbulent Third World background, the novel tells of a hundred years in the time cycle of a people, who go from one calamity to another, from rebel wars unto the conflicts of modern times.  Yet  nature remains constant and "their divine hills are always there to watch over them, while the people  rebuild and a new nation arises."


- A great humane story, full of excitement and amusingly told.

 International Impac Dublin Literary Award Nominated Novel

 The Conquest of Freedom


 -       "Blood Brothers"


Clifford Fyle








"Freedom! Freedom!" shouts Jose, Kasanga's new leader.

Kasanga is finally free, but largely subject to the whims of the super-powers: Stepfather, and his brother and ally, Rich Uncle, and their mutual rival, Gregory of Vigilant Town, the capital of worker's rights.  


Jose is in power, Abiba his fun-loving wife is estatic and their daughter gets to go to Vigilant Town to her greatest dismay as she leaves her one true and tragic love, John Cry.  


A truly intriging and engaging novel with wonderful twists

within the story.


- A book I enjoyed reading from the first word to the last word."



- Eva Mwagni  "The East African"  Niarobi





    A new 3 book Trilogy:

The Conquest of Freedom

Clifford Fyle





              $ 50.00


Man's freedom is his most sacred possession. More sacred even than the gift of love.  This trilogy comprised of three books is very humane, romantic, emotional, well-paced, inspiring and definately leaves you thinking.


Each book is complete in itself, but together they explore all kinds of life's relationships; the limits and controls of these relationships, as well as human freedom and the never-ending search for a truly free and just society, such as the worlds's great thinkers and preachers have proclaimed, and mankind has always tried to achieve.

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