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Clifford Fyle            



A mystical story where the God and Satan roam the earth.  Their struggle is for the allegiance of men and women as typified by the saintly Alpha Salia, whose loyalty is tested by the God through Satan. Salia suffers great misfortunes yet remains surprisingly constant.  However this is not the case with the other more worldy characters, notably the powerful but looselived Salu, the wealthy but lustful Konkofo, not forgetting the Alpha's impressionable wife and champion of women's rights, Mantene and the easily influenced wife, Mariama .


A novel of epic proportions, much reminiscent of stories like Cecille B. De Mille's "The Ten Commandments." A modern story that captures the imagination, yet told in the classic manner of the traditional storyteller / singer.

-  A fast-paced and exciting read.  

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Swimming Against The Tide  -             "Without Fear or Favor"

Kosonike Koso-Thomas





Perhaps the greatest story of a man battling against the winds of change held in the deep throes of a love that surpasses everything.  The story is set in Africa against the background of the forces of corruption, in a new state emerging from colonialism.  In a country of tourist-like attractions, the boy Livesey rises to eminence as a judge and Chief Justice who, in spite of everything, stays forever strong with his childhood sweetheart Rachel, whom he eventually marries.


The moving and entertaining biography set in tropical Africa, and England provides an in-depth and poignant window to a lifestyle and culture in both countries.  A very revealing story.  Kosonike Koso-Thomas has a writing style that both captures and takes you on a pleasurable, delightful and scenic, though at times alarming journey through the life and times of this eminent Lawyer and Leader.

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The Diamonds -                            Sierra Leone!  Sewa Country!        

 J.Sorie Conteh    





Diamonds galore, and just for the taking!  But the diamonds are both a curse and a blessing. "The Diamonds," by Sorie Conteh, offers an intriguing contemporary look at Gibao, a man who finds wealth in the diamond fields of Sierra Leone, West Africa.  The reader is fed the smells and feel of an West African Culture, filled with polygamy, divination, soothsayers, virgin sacrifices, crowded trains and buses, diamond towns, delicious dishes and religion and death.


As a country Sierra Leone found itself rich in diamonds.  This novel like the blockbuster movie "Blood Diamonds,"represents recent happenings, when Gibao, a strong and determined man, feels forced by his circumstances, his wives and his inner greed to become wealthy.  The story is a classic example of a traditional African culture in conflict  with contemporary justice.


"A truly universal tale. A must read, and strong dramatic story by a very gifted writer.  Truly a major addition to Africa's contribution in the world of 20th century world writing."