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The Diamonds

          J.Sorie Conteh


Sorie Conteh with his novel delivers us an insider's view of the lure of the diamonds by all, entangled with corruption, greed and polygamy. Helped along by the mismanagement plaguing African third world countries and corruption of the Western World Africa struggles on.

Sorie Conteh a born and bred Sierra Leonean has published several short stories, articles, monographs, booklets and conference papers.  His writings cover a wide variety of African topics and concerns, from the effects of diamond mining, to female circumcision, African culture and democracy in Africa.  A much accomplished and gifted writer.

-  Look out for his new novel due out next year.

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Swimming Against The Tide

                 Kosonike Koso-Thomas

Kosonike Koso-Thomas comes from a family of clergymen and educators.  Born and bred in Africa, he met the prominent lawyer and Chief Justice Livesey Ebenezer Luke at school, where they became close lifelong friends, and his novel is a testimony to that friendship.  The story of the eminent Livesey Luke is a capturing, interesting and page turning story from start to finish.

Koso-Thomas is an established artist and has written a large number of poems as well as an interesting volume describing the development of a University during his years as Vice Chancellor.  Kosonike Koso-Thomas is currently Chairman and Managing Director of Techsult and Co., a firm of International Consulting Engineers, and an Emeritus Professor.

- A delightful story.  Will keep you hooked from start to finish.  A definite page-turner.

Clifford Fyle

Book Submissions

Clifford Fyle's Trilogy, "The Conquest of Freedom" deals with the universal theme of man's demand for his freedom, and the lessons he learns at varing stages, of the limits within that freedom. This is portrayed from the first book of the Trilogy, 'Blood Brothers' to the last book "The Alpha", a mystical tale which is perhaps one of Clifford Fyle's greatest works.

Born in Freeetown, Sierra Leone, Clifford Fyle has many short stories for adults and children to his credit, notably the celebrated Oxford Krio-English Dictionary as well as the Sierra Leone National Anthem, twenty-four Sierra Leonean school textbooks and readers and many learned papers and books.  He has also held offical posts from school teacher, Head of University Department to UNESCO World Co-ordinator of Mother tongue Languages at the same time .

- A truly gifted, well paced, inspiring and thought provoking writer.

- Comparisions to Orwell's Animal Farm spring to mind.  


                                - East African Chronicle

- Clifford Fyle has joined the ranks of Chinua Achebe and Ngugi wa Thiong'o.

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