Lekon New Dimensions Publishing is an affiliate of Lekon Publishing, a branch of Lekon Consultancy Company Ltd, founded and registered in Sierra Leone, West Africa by Clifford Nelson-Fyle.  All the Lekon Companies are owned and managed by his wife Rose Nelson-Fyle.  In Sierra Leone Lekon Publishing has published 24 high school textbooks and readers.  

Displaced and uprooted by the Sierra Leone Rebel War, Clifford moved with his wife to the USA, where he founded the company Lekon New Dimensions Publishing which is registered in Westchester County in the New York.  Lekon New Dimensions is a family owned business currently in its fourth year of operation, and fast growing.  We have recently undergone exciting and invigorating changes, incorporating new ideas with the old.  We specialize in high quality authentic literature from Africa, African-Americans and the African diaspora.  We bring to the world a true historical picture contributing to a better understanding of Africa and the life of its scattered peoples whose presence and culture  have impacted national economies, politics and cultures and had a rippling effect in many parts of the world.  

We are proud to annouce our new trilogy entitled, 'The Conquest of Freedom' incorporating three new novels entitled, 'The Conquest of Freedom', 'These Old Colonial Hills' and 'The Alpha' by our very own founder, Clifford Fyle.  Apart from having held various offical postions from school teacher, Head of University Department to UNESCO World Co-ordinator of Mother Tongue Languages, Clifford Fyle was also a very experienced author of many publications including the Sierra Leone National Anthem and the celebrated first every publication of its kind, the Oxford Krio-English Dictionary.  Clifford has also written many short stories for children and adults and many learned journals placing Lekon New Dimensions in the well placed situation of being a company run by an author for authors.

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